Time for Better’s Response to New Era of Climate Communications

This white paper is a collaborative endeavor involving over 60 contributors and organizations, spearheaded by the New Zero World in partnership with the Global Commons Alliance. With a shared vision, this collective effort aspires to lay the groundwork for a transformative future fueled by the potency of communication and creativity. The white paper represents a pioneering initiative to reshape how we address the paramount challenge of our time—the climate crisis.

Concerns about climate change are widespread, with a significant action gap between awareness and necessary measures. The chapters stress the need for a communication intervention that engages media, culture, businesses, governments, and citizens. Time for Better acknowledges this imperative and envisions a creative approach to climate communication, emphasizing the role of storytelling as presented in Chapter 6 of the white paper. By centralizing reliable, accessible, and actionable climate communications, our agency seeks to bridge the gap between scientific data and public understanding. We align with the call for narratives rooted in hope and possibility, recognizing the transformative potential of relatable human stories. 

Through innovative storytelling, Time for Better aims to inspire a more informed and engaged public, fostering a sense of efficacy and empowering individuals to actively participate in combating climate change. Our commitment echoes the collective call for positive campaigns, envisioning a collaborative effort that combines social science, communication expertise, and the input of diverse stakeholders to drive meaningful change.