Greenwashing Is Over: Time for Better’s Perspective on AB 1305

California’s groundbreaking AB 1305, signed into law by Governor Gavin Newsom on October 7, 2023, marks a significant move to combat “greenwashing” by imposing mandatory disclosure requirements on businesses engaged in voluntary carbon offset transactions. As a creative climate communications and consulting agency, Time for Better sees this as a pivotal step in promoting transparency and accountability within the environmental sector.

AB 1305 mandates that businesses marketing voluntary carbon offsets (VCOs) or products claiming significant emission reductions disclose specific project-related information on their websites. This law also extends its reach to cover claims of achieving net-zero emissions, carbon neutrality, or substantial greenhouse gas emission reductions. Effective from January 1, 2024, non-compliance with these disclosure requirements could result in civil penalties, emphasizing the state’s commitment to fostering genuine sustainability efforts.

For companies navigating the intricacies of AB 1305, Time for Better emphasizes the importance of aligning communications with legal obligations. The agency recognizes the need for clear, accurate, and hopeful messaging, providing guidance to businesses as they adapt to the evolving landscape of environmental regulations. As California leads the charge in environmental transparency, Time for Better stands ready to assist companies in meeting these disclosure requirements while maintaining the confidentiality of their sensitive business information. This landmark law reinforces the agency’s commitment to fostering open and truthful narratives in the fight against climate change.