Shaping Tomorrow: Time for Better‘s Impact on COP28’s Later is Too Late Campaign

In a historic move at COP28 in Dubai, the global commitment to transition away from fossil fuels materialized. This transformative feat was the result of collaborative efforts involving key entities like the United Nations, COP28 UAE, Time for Better, Global Optimism, The B Team, and Earth Rise Studio. At the heart of this achievement was the Later is Too Late campaign, where Time for Better played a pivotal role in orchestrating impactful strategic communication.

Time for Better spearheaded the #CallToCOP initiative, a social media strategy for Project Groundswell, rallying support and optimism for COP28. The agency also designed and hosted the symbolic Hope House, a space for leaders to convene, strategize, and mobilize community action. The pinnacle came with the #LaterIsTooLate campaign, where Time for Better, in collaboration with The B Team and Global Optimism, orchestrated a viral social media movement. The campaign not only supported the Transformation is Unstoppable Letter but also became a global call for courageous leadership at COP28, demonstrating the influential role of creative communication in shaping a sustainable future.